These are my first ceramic pieces. I made them at R. Wood Studio where I work and where they’re available for sale. The designs are inspired by the plants I see on my walks in the woods.

The clay is slab formed from terracotta, then glazed with white or warm gray, then painted by brush with these lines drawings.

A spotlit fern and moss from my walk this morning. This is the kind of foliage that gives me ideas for drawings.

In the woods, light filters through the trees and sometimes creates perfect little spotlights on quiet, beautiful moments.

A friend alerted me to the tranquil paintings of of Eric Spehn.

The larger images here are followed by a detail of that painting. (Top two pics from my friend, rest of pics from Spehn’s gallery.)


TateShots: Vija Celmins

Great studio visit with one of my favorite artists, Vija Celmins.

This set of my plant postcards is headed to Connecticut!

Great How-to for Framing Art Cheaply ›

^ A thorough guide with some great ideas.

I love making and collecting works on paper, but it means framing them in order to keep them protected and to display them well. Luckily, through art school and loads of exhibitions I’ve learned how to frame things myself. This isn’t necessarily an intuitive skill, however, and while gorgeous, professional frame jobs are really expensive.

Not so expensive is getting the framer to cut a mat, or maybe even your local art supply shop can do that. Plus, if you wait to frame several things at once, you can save on the archival* mat by buying the large sheet at the art supply shop. Most shops will cut it down for you (the edges, not the windows) for a pittance or for free with your mat purchase.

* It’s worth it to pay extra for the archival mat if you’re framing an original work of art. Otherwise unsightly yellow acid stains will develop, and will ruin the artwork over time.

Here’s a photo from Dana who just bought and framed a set of my plant drawings postcard prints. I love this display idea! It’s also a great way for an art lover to decorate a home on a budget.

Just hung a show of 20 of my colored paper collages at Community in downtown Athens.

The shop is on the corner of Jackson St. and Broad St. above Jittery Joe’s Coffee, just across from the North Campus of UGA. Community is a local handmade fashion, jewelry, and home decor shop curated by the talented Sanni Baumgartner.

Each collage is $85 and comes already framed. Stop in and see my show, as well as many other creations from Athens makers.

Here’s Community’s pic of my work in their shop on Instagram.

This is part of a series of watercolor drawings I made on gorgeous Twin Rocker handmade paper. (It took me several months to do anything on the paper because it was so beautiful as-is and I was afraid my artwork would mess it up. Twin Rocker paper is frame-able all by itself.)

These started as a larger series on smaller paper. I experimented with loading a centered circle with clear water, then dropping some beautiful Holbein indigo watercolor into the circle. As the circle dried overnight, it would make random formations. It was exciting to wake up and go see what the paint had done all on its own.

Then I chose a color and a geometric shape to interact with the random pattern in the circle. I liked working with the contrasting processes—the random drying and the deliberate geometric shape. Both the circle and the geometric shapes are hard edged which contrasts with the roughness of the handmade paper. 

These are 14 x 14 inches and can be purchased here at my Etsy shop.

Stumbled upon the work of Martha Clippinger today while browsing some of my favorite blogs which led to other blogs and other blogs…..

I love her use of bright color and the awkward sculptural chunkiness of her work. They’re like painting and sculpture at one time.

I also like her creative style of hanging her exhibitions, which is an art unto itself and another layer of composition that can be added to any body of work.

See more of her work at Elizabeth Harris Gallery , and here’s an interview with Martha.

Joanne Mattera Art Blog: A great blog for people who like minimalist or geometric art ›

I may have blogged about her blog before, but just want to reiterate how inspiring I find her blog. I’ve followed her links down the rabbit hole to more inspiration.

Another image of one of my artworks in use—I love to get these from collectors. This is one of my plant drawing postcard prints used as a gift card. I think it looks great! I never would have thought of using them this way.

You can purchase them here on my Etsy shop.

I just received some pictures of 6 of my artworks that found a home in Manhattan as part of a 25-foot long hallway gallery. I love seeing the framing choices and the other art that surrounds them!

These sumi ink drawings of mine are headed all the way to Singapore tomorrow!

Spotted two of my pieces at a friend’s home. I love seeing my minimalist modern works surrounded by antiques, photos, and other types of art! On the left, my tiny collage of origami paper. On the right a triangular black-bar painting.